our aim

Our aim is to take you by the hand and let you experience that the key to freedom in life is acceptance.
That we humans can easily accept even the most difficult situations in life.
We have to see that it’s not about wanting in life, but simply about that what works or not.

We need to get our mind under control.
It’s not easy to get your mind under control. 
It’s always jumping as a monkey from one thought to another.
If the mind is not under your control, it’s your biggest enemy.
It’s destroying over
and over everything you really want in life.
If you learn to get your mind under control, it’s your biggest friend who can create all positive things in your life.
Even enlightenment.

A way of doing that is through acceptance of that what is.
Focusing on something what is beyond mind, for example Japam.
Learning to get distance from your mind.
Learning to observe the mind.
Experiencing that what is in the moment is meditation.

We need to experience what is happening in this moment, without judgements, simply making our selves aware of that what is.

We learn to see that behind everything what is happening in our life, God’s creation is working through you.

All events in life lead eventually to your freedom.

Even the so-called negative events are your biggest teachers on the way to your freedom and finding the truth in you.
In this way you can live a peaceful life, full of happiness and love and be in harmony with everything what is happening in life.

For sure you are aware of or want to have an answer to the following questions.

  • Why am I not happy and cannot find that what I really want from life?
  • Why do I have so much difficulties to follow my heart?
  • Why is it not easy to get my restless mind in peace?
  • Why do I have difficulties with accepting what is in my life?
  • Why am I so influenced by the outside world?
  • Why do I feel as I feel?
  • Why can I not stop my addiction?
  • Why am I always immediately angry?
  • What do illnesses want to tell me in my life and how can I heal myself?
  • Why life is not working out in the way I want?
  • Why am I experiencing the same so called negative situation over and over?

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It seems that everybody has problems to accept that what is, although it’s the key to your Self,
the key to God in you. 
If you learn to accept the situation as it is, only then we have the possibility to change it.

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you agree with the situation. 
Acceptance is to confirm that it is as it is.
But people say that they can’t accept that.

How can you not accept that what is coming from God and the universe? When it is true that acceptance is the key to your Self, then it’s of big importance that we need to learn to accept that what is.
To say it in other words:

Acceptance is the way to freedom. Non-acceptance means fighting the situation.  Where we put energy in it gets more.  That means if you fight the situation, you are feeding the fight.  It is better to go for a pro-peace rally, instead of an anti-war demonstration.

We show people how to accept and to let go of the past, no matter what kind of heavy experiences you had. We show what happens in your life when you accept. To live a peaceful life, full  of happiness and love and to be in harmony with everything what is. We are serving people to experience divinity inside of them. We are living the path by ourselves, experiencing whatever life is giving. Going through the challenges ourselves equips us to help others on their individual path.


In the moment the whole world is striving for more consciousness and freedom.

People are asking themselves: Who am I?
What is the purpose of my life?

The awareness is rising, that everybody
has unique gifts to contribute.
It is our wish that everybody can be his or her true self.
Sharing those qualities with the world.
We wish to see the potential in this world to flourish on all levels.

Oftentimes when we are starting to seek who we really are, we explore the psychological dimensions of ourselves.
This includes emotions and behaviors that hold us in our patterns, as well as the pain and trauma of our childhood.
But at a certain point the growth that comes with letting go of pain, reaches a limit. That is because we are even more afraid of our own love, our greatness, our compassion and gifts, than the pain.
Even if we don’t want to believe it, it seems that people want to suffer.
We don’t find ourselves worthy to live our greatness and joy.

Ask yourself the question: are you allowing yourself to be really happy?
Do you give yourself the freedom to be in your greatness or are you limiting yourself with small ideas about yourself?

When we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, then other people feel secure in our presence.
Our life changes fundamentally.
By living happily, blissfully and excited we give others the opportunity to explore those qualities in themselves too, in their own unique way.
When we are living in our nature we become a mirror, we are reminding the people around us to be who they really are.

Often our Ego-mind and the Ego-mind from other people doesn’t like this.
The reason for this is because it wants to stay in the identification of the imaginary world.
This world feels safe.
This is not true, the Ego-mind is that what brings seperation and suffering in life.
But life is not about that, it is about going deeper and finding our true nature and God in us.

Another aspect of how the world is changing, is the way we think about diseases and illnesses.
We see more and more that they develop them for a reason.
They are not just a malfunction of our body and psyche, but we get aware that a big part is created by our-selves.
We have influence on them.
On the other hand, this means they bring also the opportunity to heal our-selves.



The number of doctors are increasing who are not satisfied with prescribing
only medicine.

There is a big movement towards bringing consciousness to our bodies and seeing body, mind and soul as a unity. 
Illnesses are even a way to get in touch with the present moment.

We live in abundance.
We have many possibilities and potential to make life easy. 
Also our technical progress make this possible. But all we do is escaping from ourselves in this outer world.

We are losing ourselves, we take everything for granted and we don’t appreciate our lives and everything what’s given. This is the reason why we are not able to use this wisdom properly, in service for humans and nature. We are even destroying the whole planet.

If we are closing our eyes, we are just blind slaves of circumstances. 
When we are cultivating and practicing consciousness and being aware of life and everything we do, automatically our hearts open and we feel the love and unity of everything.

How could you ever forgive
Yourself, for the mistakes you made in life?

If you are judging other people for their mistakes.
The other is you.
The other is your mirror.
Stop judging means, be open to forgive.
To give yourself a chance to change.
To have empathy for one-other.
To have compassion, with that what is.

-Wilri Waarlo-