Life Center

The Balance-Recovery Life-Center is a place where people support and connect with each other through spirituality and consciousness in finding their way in life.

It is a meeting place where people can be at ease and find their true self and connect with same minded people.

To be together in a place where it is safe to open your heart again and find love again for yourself and all other beings.
Going away from, stagnation, old hurts, loneliness and separation and destructive habits. Transforming this all it in a supportive path towards love and a life what is flowing.

This is arisen out of a group of people who found each other through their struggles in life on the way to discover themselves and the divine in them. This all bounded us in love and compassion for life and each other and taught us to accept each other despite, religion, heritage and mentality.

People out of different countries grow together, accompany and support each other despite of all ages, independent of their descent, mentality, religion or life style among others.
Among others, we support people to get a fulfilled live in all facets in life and find a job situation where you really can be yourself and put all your creativity, passion and love in.

The basis for this provides the Self-Healing-Method, which is dedicated to recovering the emotional, mental and physical balance.
Everybody is experiencing how it is to treat each other with openness, love, understanding and compassion.
Becoming free from old  habits, patterns and experiences from the past.
Enjoying life with everything what happens.
This all without being carried away by life challenges.

If our way of living is resonating with you or you would like to have a time out to meet your silence, we warmly invite you.
If you want to contribute to our unique project or if you want to support us by a donation, you are welcome to do. We will appreciate this very much.

Touch of Truth.
In Germany the Moments Touch of Truth also take place – among other – in the area of Wesel, once a month.
To this we warmly invite you.
Since many years, Wilri and Jakub travel the world and bring the richness of all cultures and nationalities together.
Every culture is rich in itself, but when so many cultures and nationalities come together and share their richness, a holistic world full of wealth, fullness and abundance comes into being.

It is about humanity and all aspects of human experience.
A new awareness that everything is one is evolving.
We express this in many ways, among others in our Guest House with amazing Vegan and Vegetarian food and music from all over the world.
Furthermore, a Garden of World Impressions is soon built next to our Guest House.
You experience the oneness of humans, animals, plants and the whole nature.
For further information feel free to contact our staff.

We wish you a beautiful day and we hope to meet you soon.
We also look forward to hear your ideas and critique, because we are open to constantly bring our service and approach towards people on a higher level.