Great that you are here and reading this! 😊

First I introduce myself. My name is Zinzy Kuijl, I am 34 years old and I am living in Enschede, the Nederlands. In December 2019, doctors had examined me and they found out that I have a very aggressive form of metastatic cancer. A diagnose with the stamp terminally ill was given to me in February 2020. I acknowledge that there is a part of me that doesn’t want to live but there is also a part who wants to live. My urge to live wasn’t there anymore before I went to Balance Recovery. Before my diagnose, I already went through multiple processes with the help of Balance Recovery, in which I learned step by step to live in the moment and enjoy life more. The cancer is also helping me to learn this. It’s how they say in The Netherlands, “It’s the cherry on the pie ;)”. It is a gift what changed everything. I am not saying it is always easy, but it showes me a lot.

The negativity which came up in this process was one of the things I have experienced. Wilri and Jakub are teaching me to stay positive and to believe that EVERYTHING is possible. I can be really sceptical. During this process I thought quite often, “whatever”. First I need to see it before I believe it. I have experienced and I’m still experiencing that Wilri and Jakub are honest to me and they are capable of looking further in my life more then me. If you are in the middle of a process, it is nice to have people around you who are able to let you experience what is going on in a deeper level. It is up to you if want to look in or not. Some moments are confronting because someone is telling you the truth and it is not what we are used to. I see a lot of people having fear to say the truth and I recognize this also from myself. Wilri and Jakub are openly speaking. They are direct so you can work on the core of your issue. This saves you time. Time is even more precious when you have no time to lose like me.

Both Wilri and Jakub choose the path to help other people unconditionally. Without their help, I wouldn’t have seen my part in the cause of my cancer. I wouldn’t even know that I have a part in this process and that I can heal this. I am very grateful that they help me. If I would not have them in my life, then I would lose all the people around me and I would have lost all my hope. They thought me not to go into negativity of what doctors tell me but to stay with myself and remain positive. They were always positive even when I wasn’t. By doing that, they pulled me out of the negativity when I couldn’t do this myself and they helped me believe in myself again when I didn’t believe in anything anymore. 

They have confronted me with what my part is in this process. They teach how I am able to change things by myself. They are the people in my life who teach me not only how to save my life but also how to enjoy it.

Maybe you are asking yourself, how?
How can you have a part in the cause of the cancer. And how do you change that? Everything happens for a reason. If you are willing to look and fully experience that, then you get the lesson and the sickness is not needed anymore. It has it’s job done. And yes, if the sickness is not needed anymore, then it can go. It is extraordinary to be that blessed to experience that. Till today, I have to say that Wilri and Jakub still are right in what they told me and thought me. Three months ago, the doctors started with the medication to slow down the cancer from growing bigger. (They were not sure if it would help, but it did ;). I had in the meantime a hip operation and radiotherapy. After three months, they took a second scan to see if the medication worked. The result: the mestastases where 50% less and the cancer in my breast went from 5cm to 3cm. The doctors couldn’t believe it, maybe you also not. That is why I hope you are reading this and so you can see that there are still miracles happening. If you would like to experience miracles, I would like to meet you in one of the seminars from Wilri and Jakub.

Often we are negative and we forgot what kind of inner strength we have. With this strength we can stand up for ourselves and others and change things. Wilri and Jakub teach people with all their love and power. So that we can go back to our own strength which is staying in the background. Look at the world, all the societies and countries suffering because of that. Let’s change the suffering into peace and love. Let’s not change only our inner world but also influence people in a positive way. So we can learn from each other.

Change and love start within yourself.

And yes, I am a living proof that you have a share in your physical problems and you can change them. My aim is to heal my cancer. I think I am already on my way ;). And still doctors believe that I have terminal cancer. It is about what you believe and how you deal with your own life.

Lots of love.