Experiencing is tasting, expressing and embracing life.
It means being in contact with ourselves, our inner wisdom, the inner guidance that expresses itself sometimes in intuition or as a feeling. Not emotions but some deeper inner space that the mind cannot grasp.
There is no recipe how to experience. For most people when we lived a lot in our minds it takes a bit time to get back to that natural state.
A nice example is how a baby is. Baby doesn’t think, judge or evaluate what to do or not to do.
It simply does what it needs to do. When there is a laughter it laughs, when there is a cry in the next moment it cries. If it needs to poop it doesn’t say: “I don’t want to make a lot of work for mummy and daddy, he won’t like it because it smells”, it just poops. When we get older we stop living that way and start following the concepts and rules of our parents, environment and culture. In order to survive we accept those concepts and we identify with them. We think we are them. So as we grow up we stop experiencing the moment and behave according to how we think that we have to be.

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