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What can you expect from a Touch of Truth moment?

Every Touch of Truth is different. We dwell in the now, in this present moment. Through presence, love, awareness, and through the energy each participant brings with them, a transformative growth of consciousness arises. It becomes apparent what influence our ego mind has and how it creates separation in our lives.

As we gain consciousness and learn to see that the ego mind is not our true nature, we can become free of it and perceive our own silence and divine qualities.

Acceptance and becoming aware in the now make us free and make sure that everything falls into place.

The weekend brings clarity, peace, happiness, love and authentic being.
We learn to take distance from our minds and not identify ourselves with it anymore.

Letting go of the past and living in the now. Realizing your true nature and the experience of accepting yourself.

Organizational Information



Friday, October 16
20:00 : Registration
20:30 – 22:00 : Balance-Recovery Experience Evening

Financial compensation:
€ 15,-

Balance-Recovery Experience Evening is a great possibility to get know our work and to decide if you want to go deeper and take part in Balance-Recovery Touch of Truth with Wilri.

Touch of truth:

Saturday, October 17
11:30 : Registration
12:00 – 17:00 : Balance-Recovery Touch of Truth with Wilri

Sunday, October 18
11:30 – 17:00 : Balance-Recovery Touch of Truth with Wilri

Financial compensation Saturday:
€ 90,-

Financial compensation Saturday and Sunday:
€ 155,-

You will receive an e-mail with all the payment information.
Your place in Balance-Recovery Touch of Truth with Wilri is booked after full payment of the amount.

For more information please contact us:


For those who would prefer to resolve their concerns privately we offer the opportunity of individual sessions.
In a one and a half-hour or two-hour session. Issues and their causes are viewed and treated individually by various methods.

Wilri works with that what is. We are all one. For Wilri these are not empty words but a living experience. He is completely with you. He feels your feelings, your body, your imbalances, everything. He connects to your truth. He cuts through all the bullshit.

Private Sessions are also opened for parents and their children. Here you can find a great possibility to deepen and clear relationships in your family and to build a mutual trust. In a safe environment parents get in contact with their own feelings and to children a path to their own individuality, playfulness and experiencing opens naturally. Children stop to bear not-felt and not-experienced hurts and traumata of their parents and generations old family burdens will disappear. Give your family this unique gift!

Financial compensation Private Sessions:
The price for a up to one-and-a-half hour session is € 100,- per person.

For people in a difficult financial situation we can make an arrangement.

For booking your private sessions please contact Darijus Rimkus or Egle Rimkuviene:
Phone: +370 687 26753
Email: darijus.rimkus@gmail.com

Phone: +370 676 06454
Email: eglety@gmail.com