A gift for you

How to break endless thinking, suffering and identifying with your mind.

Be aware, you are not your mind

Your are not your thoughts, emotions or feelings.
Almost all our suffering is due to the identification with the over and over repeating voice in your head.

Believing your thoughts makes you a victim from your own mind and this creates over and over the past reality.

Getting aware is the key to freedom.


In this moment our humanity is Ego orientated, this is the current state of consciousness of humanity. This creates suffering.

We need to see that our Ego is a false sense of our self.
Constantly it feels like it’s under threat because deep down it knows that everything is changing and nothing stays and will dissolve at the end.

A result from this is that ego produces fear and desires and this is his reference to live. This is also one of the reasons why mind continuously is avoiding the now with excessive thinking and looking for al kind of sensory pleasures and confirmations in the outside world.
It always brings suffering.

Dissolving the ego brings long lasting happiness and freedom. 


Only consciousness and awareness can bring you long lasting happiness.
Getting aware of how insane Ego-mind is, is the way to get sane again.
A controlled mind will lead to a complete transformation.

To go to the next level of consciousness, Ego must be dissolved.
It’s not about doing something or changing something, but simply being aware by observing.

Cause observing, recognizing and accepting from that what is not true and illusionary, is freeing yourself from the attachment from your Ego-mind. Ego-mind is separating you from your true self. 

Then all suffering ends.

Practicing acceptance

Acceptance is the way to freedom.
Acceptance doesn’t mean that you need to agree with everything but with acceptance you declare that it is as it is.
And you can go in whatever action is needed.

It is as it is

Be with that what is, if so called negative emotions or reactions coming like anger, resistance or fear, just experience them.

No judgement, it is as it is and it is just an energy what wants to leave your body.
Letting go, means getting free and giving space to happiness.
All situations are always neutral and working for you, not against you, even if we have sometimes the feeling it does.
Suffering is not coming from fear or anger but from that what our mind makes from it.

Experiencing that, accepting that what is, and non-judgment is a way to freedom.

No Resistance 

Don’t resist what is in your life.

Resistance brings more resistance and suffering.
Acceptance and surrender brings freedom.

No resistance doesn’t mean that you agree with that what is, you can and should simply go in action to do that what is needed to change a situation.

To live naturally means to accept that what is in the present moment.

Being aware

Your inner longing is really important in your life.
Be careful with
thoughts, know how powerful they are.
Negative thoughts create negative situations.

Positive thoughts create positive situations.
Focus your mind on something what is beyond Ego-mind with meditation, Japam or reciting divine names.

Meditation means not only sitting but being present in the moment.

Giving brings true transformation

Receiving happens by giving and serving other beings.

If you serve other beings, it brings true transformation.

Be in the present

Experience what is in this moment, then there is no suffering. 


Observe without judging your thoughts and emotions.
How do you react?
Who is observing the thoughts and emotions?
Who is aware about everything what happens?
Who are you?

Don’t take yourself so serious

When negative thoughts, emotions, sadness, fear or depressed feelings are coming be watchful and use it to see that you are not your mind. That is the way you stop the identification with the mind.

Don’t fight your mind

Getting aware is the way to change.
You are awareness, that what is observing that what is.
Being aware and observing is like mediation.
Our life is a living meditation in that way.

Being grateful for everything you get

Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand.