Wilri Waarlo has accompanied countless individuals and groups on their way to mental, emotional and physical balance, for more than 24 years.

The extensive work with people and the simultaneous study with masters of both eastern and western traditions has formed his unique and very direct approach over the years.
His inimitable style was also shaped and proved in a long-year service as an assistant of his first master, Michael Barnett.

Wilri goes directly to the core of the issue.
They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul.
When he looks in the deepness of your eyes, he is actually showing you who you really are or that what is preventing you to be who you truly are.
Truth resonates with truth.

To get into contact with compassion and his presence is truly a life changing event.
Everything in the lives of the participants start to change immediately.
If you touch the truth, old patterns and habits starting to fall away.
Through the deepness of being, you will get in contact with your own essence.
This will lead to relaxation and the place where there was suffering, pain and fear before, will be filled with love.
The old pain can flow away and you can restore your own ability to heal yourself.

He simply feels what you feel. In that moment your pain is his pain, your fear is his fear.
In compassion lies the power of an open heart which resonates with your heart.
This show you your unique way to freedom and love.
In this way we go to the cause from your imbalance or ill making patterns or habits.

By getting aware and accepting, you start your own healing process.
In this space you will meet your own heart, compassion, fullness of love.


Wilri is open for all true religions and spiritual traditions.
Whether it is about worldwide religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism or Zen or the spiritual traditions like Sufism and Shamanism, Wilri doesn’t judge and criticize, because everything is one and in every religion, and spiritual tradition you can find something beautiful.
For him all religions and all spiritual traditions are just different roads to the same point:
Being one.

For Wilri and Jakub this way of living and teaching is a way to serve other people on their way to themselves.
In 2016 Wilri and Jakub became priests in the Order of Melchizedek.
Since 2019 they are initiated devotees of Sri Swami Vishwananda and are following his path of bhakti, devotion.
As devotees of Vishwananda, Wilri and Jakub belong to the Sri Sampradaya, a form of Vaishnavism.
Wilri and Jakub are also certified organizers of Om Chanting, an ancient technique which has the power to apply a strong healing energy to anything which is not in balance.

His teaching is direct and simple. It is based on simply being, authenticity, openness and being humble.
The experience of sadness and the experience of joy of life are melting together and become transformed into inner calmness and peace.

You can touch him and he will welcome you in his arms, just as you really are. In his soft hug you can trustfully dissolve, let everything go and feel whole again.
He works directly and precisely on the spot that needs to be healed.
No blind shooting or letting you stand alone in darkness.
He will bring the light of consciousness to the place which you need to feel and which you need to heal.

Through this process you will heal yourself with your own resources and consciousness.

From loneliness to relationship.
From fear to love.
From stagnation to change.


Frequently asked Questions to Wilri


What does the word ‘spirituality’ mean to you?
We all are spiritual human beings. 
We are here on earth, to make a human experience. 
Spiritual means to me that you are conscious in every moment, feeling, dwelling in the now
There is no spiritual and not spiritual because God is in everything and everywhere. 
It is about to feel and be aware that everything is God consciousness. 
You find God in everything that is. 
Being spiritual is nothing special. 
Many people think they are extraordinary, because they consider themselves as spiritual, but actually spirituality is about being humble.


What is the purpose of life according to you?
The purpose of life is life itself, learning to find God in you and in everything. 
We are here to experience life fully.


Why are we humans always fighting the now?
The reason for this is that humans are identified with the ego identity. 
The person who people think that they are. But that person is based on the past reality.
Humans try to avoid the now, because we believe our structured mind.
That will always bring suffering. Living in the now means acceptance of that what is.
Surrendering to that what is in this moment.