Wilri accompanied
countless people on their way to balance.

Jakub accompanies Wilri
with devotion and commitment for many years.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we are either cancelling or postponing meetings up to the end of June. 
We will keep you updated, here on our website, as the situation unfolds.

Touch of Truth

Showing how you easily accept even the most difficult situations.
Living a peaceful life, full of happiness and love and in harmony with everything what is.
Experience and witness how you through the power of acceptance can heal everything. This brings you to the realization that God is inside all of us.
Life itself is a natural healing process, if we are in acceptance with it.
Everything what happens to us is happening for us. It’s freeing us from all the boundaries which are not serving us anymore.
With acceptance, the experiences you make in life will make you realize that God is in everything, everything that surrounds you.
You will see how limitless the whole potential of life is and we are creating our own borders.

Everyone is healthy in the core of being. You just have to remember that and experience it, then you can heal yourself.

The purpose of Balance-Recovery

Touch of Truth
Is to remember the participants of their true nature, finding inner peace back.
We lost this connection because we start to live in our minds instead of our hearts.

Wilri supports you in these moments to experience that you can free yourself from the bondage of old habits and patterns.
Finding the inner causes of diseases and illnesses.
Finding the truth in you, the one you really are.
Experience that you are already whole and you don’t need to do anything for that.
Nothing in life can influence you and disturb your inner peace if you are home in that place. The work stimulates a confronting process, where we can free ourselves from everything which no longer serves you or burdens you.
That affects every part of your life positively.
Light, love and inner peace arise again.
Physical and psychical symptoms are able to change positively.
Many people all over the world describe Touch of Truth as life-changing and freeing.
Wilri and Jakub provide this support for everybody, who are truthfully looking for peace love and freedom.
We invite you to join in “Touch of Truth”.

We are love, silence and happiness.
We are here to celebrate life in all facets and to be grateful for everything.
How blessed we are.

We invite you to discover your true nature!


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joining the touch of truth moments

Wilri and Jakub bring the Touch of Truth Moments in the Czech Republic, Lithuania,
Turkey, USA, England, Italy, Dubai, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

If there are no Touch of Truth Moments near your city,
take the challenge to become an organizer and contact Jakub.
Becoming an organizer and working together
with Wilri and Jakub is a life changing opportunity.


Videos from our YouTube Channel

Excerpts from the upcoming book
"The Power of Acceptance,
The way to freedom"

“Through acceptance, the experiences you have in your life will make you realize that God is in everything, everything that surrounds you. And how limitless the whole potential of life is.”

Healing the cause of my cancer with love

“…In December 2019 they had me examined and found out that I have a very aggressive form of metastatic cancer. My urge to live wasn’t there anymore before I went to Balance Recovery. If you are in the middle of something like that, it is nice to have people around you who are able to let you experience what is going on in a deeper level. Wilri and Jakub pulled me out of the negativity. They helped me believe in myself again when I didn’t believe in anything anymore…


Free yourself of fear.

In life people often close up,
because in the moment
you can’t handle what’s happening.
That’s completely Ok.
But to live you need to open up,
feel, experience, witness what’s there and let go.

-Wilri Waarlo-